A general trademark protection, which refers to all goods and services, does not exist. Trademark protection is available only for filed goods and services. It is important to exactly describe the goods and services belonging to a trademark. The applicant has to designate his goods and services in his description of the product claiming trademark protection. The exact description of goods and services is of evidence for a system compliant classification. Goods and services have to be classified according to the Nice Classification. The Nice Classification helps you drafting your list of goods and services. For professional assistance and advice regarding goods and services claimed, please do not hesitate to contact Rentsch Partner Ltd..

Historical Background

On April 14th, 1891 the international community signed a treaty regarding the international registration of trademarks (Madrid Agreement). Before signing the mentioned treaty, 34 classes of goods existed. The 34 goods were collected with view to their economical correlation. In 1957, at the Conference of Nice, the list of goods was expanded by the amount of 8 new classes and the classes of services were introduced. Since then, the Nice Agreement was renewed in Stockholm 1967 and in Geneva 1977. A committee of experts continuously renews and broadens the single classes.