The Federal Court overturned the conviction of a dealer of pirate decoders

Early October 2012, the Court of Justice of the European Union has decided that a system of exclusive licences is contrary to European Union competition law if the licence agreements prohibit the supply of decoder cards to television viewers who wish to watch the broadcasts outside the Member State for which the licence is granted.


Altering an e-mail can constitute forgery

X., who was in financial difficulties, received loans from numerous victims in the amount of CHF 6'285'227 and USD 35,000 by giving them false facts in connection with the enforcement of a residual claim he allegedly acquired from a (non-existing) contract between a Nigerian national oil company and a Scottish conglomerate. In this context, he repeatedly altered the content of e-mails addressed to him from third parties, and forwarded these altered e-mails as evidence to different victim.


Data protection and requirements for Google Street View under Swiss law

The images of streets and squares available via the online service Google Street View sometimes feature persons and vehicle number plates as well as private courtyards and gardens. Google uses software to blur personal features, but it does not provide complete anonymisation of personal data. Google Street View therefore has the potential to infringe upon the right to privacy.