The Swiss law is protecting two- or three-dimensional creations of products or parts thereof as Designs. They are specially characterised by the arrangement of lines, surfaces, contours or colours, or by the material used (Art. 1 of the Design Act).

Design Law

For the Design Act to protect the Designs it requires that the creations are new and display some uniqueness (Art. 2 of the Design Act). If that is the case, then the proprietor will, following registration, have the exclusive right to use, license and market the Design.

The explanations on this website contain basic information about Swiss and international Design rights. This will provide you with a first insight into the system of Design protection, it will inform you about the statutory basis in Switzerland and, inter alia, enable you to get an idea of the registration procedure and the scope of protection available for of a Design in Switzerland.

In respect of any legal and strategic questions, for example in connection with the application and filing of a Design, its licensing or the procedure in the event of an infringement of a protected Design as well as any associated services, such as searches in respect of novelty, or the management of the Design portfolio, the Attorneys-at-Law and Patent Attorneys of Rentsch Partner AG would be pleased to be of assistance.