A strategic instrument to protect your innovations

A Patent is a right to a technical invention and gives you the exclusive right to determine the commercial use of your invention.

RENTSCH PARTNER's patent attorneys have a diverse set of technical backgrounds including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, life sciences, IT and software as well as knowledge in physics, chemistry, and biology – and can therefore give you competent advice.

Our technical expertise and experience in litigation result in patents of high quality and validity.

First Filing

The careful drafting of the first (priority-founding) application is the basis for successful patenting. We place great importance in this first step. At RENTSCH PARTNER you will find the right people for your invention - people who are competent and passionate in their work.

Subsequent Applications

Within one year of the first filing, further applications for other countries, including international patent applications (PCT applications), may be filed. We advise you on a strategy that makes sense from an economic perspective and take all necessary further steps – no matter where in the world you need patent protection.

Examination and Grant Proceedings

In most countries, an individual examination takes place before a patent is granted. We coordinate the various examination proceedings worldwide with the help of an international network of selected colleagues conduct the proceedings in Switzerland and before the European Patent Office (EPO).

Portfolio Management

We are there for you even after the patent has been granted. We manage your patent portfolio and take care of all further steps required, such as paying annual fees.

Opposition Proceedings

In opposition proceedings, a granted patent is attacked by third parties with the aim of invalidating it in whole or in part. Whether your patent is affect by an opposition or you with to take action against a patent belonging to a third party: the lawyers at RENTSCH PARTNER advise and support you in all opposition proceedings.

Freedom to Operate

With a Freedom to Operate (FTO) search, you ensure that your future products do not infringe the rights of third parties. We advise and support you in all stages of product development, identify possible conflicts and find solutions together with you to successfully launch your product.