Normally IT projects cover several phases. Usually an IT-project starts with the analysis of the project, the definition of the objectives, the analysis of the interests and risks and the preparation of the solution. The next phase contains the supply of resources, i.e. the sourcing of hardware, standard software and individual software, ensuing the installation and configuration of the system, the integration of third party software, the pilot and the rollout, with which the project is finalized. After the completion of the project the operating stage begins, to which for example the maintenance of hard- and software belong.

As a result agreements concerning IT projects may contain various services, whereby the supply of products and the providing of services are often combined together. The complexity of the according agreements may have a deterrent effect, which should not lead to the fact that your own interests in an IT project are attended insufficiently. The attorneys at law and patent attorneys of Rentsch Partner Ltd. may support you in the legal analysis of your risks, the project-orientated, contractual safeguarding of your interests, as well as the legal monitoring of your IT project.