According to the present Swiss definition of food tobacco is considered a luxury food and is regulated by the food law. Luxury foods may not endanger health in a direct or in an unexpected way within their usual use and benefit. Production, marking, advertisement and delivery of tobacco products and smoke goods with tobacco substitutes are regulated in the Ordinance on tobacco (TabV, SR 817,06).

Manufacturers and importers of tobacco products, must submit certain data concerning their tobacco products to the Federal Office for Public Health (BAG). These data are accessible for the public.

Packings of tobacco products must contain special information for consumers. Each packing of tobacco products, which is intended for smoking, must carry a general and a complementary warning. The complementary warning must be combined with selected photos in colour or other illustrations, which represent and explain the consequences of smoking for health. The references must be attached partially in all official languages, at a certain place and in a certain way and size.

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