The Swiss Society for the Rights of Authors of Musical Works (“SUISA”) is the society for over 20'000 composers, writers and music publishers in Switzerland. While SUISA administers the so-called “small rights”, the “grand rights” (operas and musicals) are administered by the “SSA” (Société Suisse des Auteurs). „SUISSIMAGE“ is the society charged with the common administration of author’s rights in the field of films, „PROLITTERIS for works of literature, photography and fine arts. The neighbouring rights (rights of executing artists, broadcast companies, producers of phonograms and videograms) are administered by „SWISSPERFORM“. Remuneration claims for multimedia and internet uses are adminstered for all collecting societies by the Swiss Multimedia Clearing Center (SMCC). Each Swiss collecting society has signed reciprocal agreements with foreign sister societies. These agreements ensure that members receive their royalty entitlements for the use of their works abroad.


Neither original nor individual? The Obergericht of Zurich denied copyright protection to this sofa in December 2001
(Source: sic! 2002, 342).